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Batch starts on 25th March

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About the Conference

About the Institute

Institute of Digital Marketing is a great place to learn online marketing with experts

Institute of Digital Marketing is the worlds leading educational institute in the field of Web based Marketing. Meet and exceed your Digital Marketing goals and attain one of the worlds most valued and recognised qualifications in Digital Marketing.
The Certified Professional in Digital Marketing is a practical course designed and taught by leading Digital experts.

All Corporate Training packages can be tailored specifically to your industry and your business objectives. Our trainers will provide you with relevant case studies of digital campaigns within your industry, and equip you to compete in the increasingly critical online market.


'Theory - Practice - Software & tools - Live Marketing Projects'

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Mr. Yashveer Chopra
Theory & Core studies
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Mr. Kishore BS
Mentor & Placements
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Mr. Sumeet Pareek
Practical Trainer

3 Month Certification Programme

Certified by Jain College, India. Institute Of Digital Marketing & Google AdWords.


Introduction to Digital Marketing

We teach you the tools and methods for bringing your webpage to the first page of search engines to bring more traffic to your website and hence generate more leads , sales and revenue.


Web Presence

1. Internet Business Basics | 2. Making Money Online | 3. Designing to Sell | 4. Creating and Connecting Multiple Websites | 5. Creating Exceptional Copy That Sells | 6. Lead-Generation for Business Growth | 7. Getting Help with Your Web Presence.


Search Engine Optimization

Getting Ready for SEO | Choosing the Right Keywords | Eliminating Search Engine Roadblocks |Making Search Engines Love Your Site Understanding Blended Search | Writing Great Copy for Search Engines | Building Link Love | Analyzing Your Results | Hiring an SEO Professional


Content Marketing

Types of content | Content marketing tools | Creating the right type of content | Content for brand building and website development | Managing your content at one place


Web analytics

Getting Started with Analytics | Tracking Traffic Volumes | Measuring Your Best Referrers | Measuring Visit Quality | Using Conversion Goals | Using Goal Funnels


Online Advertising

Explore your creative side of your personality by learning the different ways of writing and publishing | Generate leads through online campaigns | Brand awareness and Brand building using digital media


Pay Per Click

Grasping PPC Methods | Combining PPC and Search Engines | Making Keyword Lists That Sell | Writing Ads That Earn Clicks and Pay You Back | Budgeting and Bidding on Keywords | Legally Speaking: PPC and the Law | Using Tools, Tips, and Tricks of the Trade |


E-Mail Marketing

Adding E-Mail to a Web Marketing Strategy | Becoming a Trusted Sender | Building a Quality E-Mail List | Constructing an| Effective Marketing E-Mail | Making Your E-Mail Content Valuable | Tracking Your E-Mail Campaign Results | Maximizing E-Mail Deliverability .


Content Marketing & Online Brand Developemnt

Picking Your Blog Topic | Getting Your Blog On | Writing Like a Blogger | Tracking Other Blogs | Getting Involved on Other Blogs | Promoting Your Posts | Introducing Podcasting.


Social Media Marketing

1. Understanding Social Media | 2. Creating Your Social Media Desktop | 3. Creating Your Social Media Plan | 4. Navigating Top Social Media Sites | 5. Building Your Network | 6. Creating a Winning Social Media Campaign.


Mobile Marketing for Business

1. Getting Started with Mobile Marketing | 2. Planning a Mobile Marketing Campaign | 3. Running Mobile Communication Campaigns | 4. Displaying Your Advertising on Mobile Devices | 5. Delivering Valuable Mobile Content | 6. Getting Paid for Your Mobile Marketing Efforts | 7. Tracking a Mobile Marketing Campaign


eCommerce Marketing & Lead Generation Strategy

1.Ecommerce development | 2.Creating a digital strategy for ecommerce | 3.Methods of lead generation for ebusinesses | 4.Marketing tips and tricks for ecommerce

Mr. Yashveer Chopra

Visiting Professor at Jain University Bangalore

Proprietor at Ridhi Sidhi Opticals Proprietor at S P Enterprise Co - Founder at ShikshaKiran Foundation

Mr. Kishore BS

CTO at Stock Market Institute Strategic Partner & Risk Manager at Basket Option

Program Director: Online Course

Mr. Sumeet Pareek

Co Founder & COO at Interactive Digital Media

PMP at PMI Bangalore Chapter, Entrepreneur at Inttco Ltd

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Why Digital Marketing

Get More Traffic and Grow your Business!

Do you run a great business, but have a website that isnt attracting enough business?

Do you know that 89% of purchasers start their search for services online?

Are you investing hundreds of dollars each month for Internet marketing but are not clear whats being done?

Are you considering outsourcing your SEO but are not sure how to determine if the company you are hiring can get the job done?

Would you rather learn how to perform the bulk of your SEO tasks yourself?

Are you searching for an affordable, proven, manageable step-by-step approach to search engine optimization?

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If you answered yes to any these questions, this class is for you. Attend this hands-on, case study driven workshop conducted by Institute Of Digital Marketing, an initiation of Jain Group of Institutions.

Stop wasting time and money juggling your social media efforts. In this class you will master proven tips and tricks to help you get the most out of social media while spending less time on it. Dont miss out on the opportunity market to millions of active engaged people in the space.

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